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And I am still going! This one is called Impeccable Manor…it was in my library, an EA build. Before, after and floor plan shots.

And another Maxis makeover in Riverview, Porch Place. Before, after and floor plan shots.

Playing around in edit town mode in Riverview tonight…here is a Maxis makeover called Roughhewn…it was a 1 bedroom 1 bath, I converted it into a 3 bedroom, 2 and a half bath. Saved it to the library, so I will eventually use it later. Before and after shots.

And here is the master bedroom, the master bathroom and the extra bathroom. I didn’t take pictures of the barn, sunroom, 2 extra bedrooms or the laundry/guest bathroom.

Now that Harper is a young adult, I moved the family to Appaloosa Plains, and bought them a lovely farm house. Here is the entry, dining room, kitchen and living area.

Anonymous asked: Are you going to make downloadables?

I have created houses in the past that are up for download, and perhaps I will still build from time to time and share them, however they will not be furnished, because all of my CC is installed in package format, thanks to EA screwing their game up with patch 1.55, and if it is installed in package format, it doesn’t attach to the house. If it doesn’t attach to the house, sometimes there is 100 mb of cc in there, it is impossible to go through and compile the cc for you to install it, and I won’t do all that work, not while raising 3 kids and being a busy wife and mom. Sorry!

Not A Hiatus!

  • Sorry guys, I know I have been quiet the last few days...but my parents are visiting from Kentucky, so I have been with them! They are leaving this evening, so hopefully I can load my game and take some pictures tonight. Thanks for understanding, family always comes first!

Talbot legacy outtakes: We are building another gnome army…Annika was grilling at the park when all the snow decided to melt away, and Harper rode her scooter to the prom and back, she could have cared less about riding in the limo lol!

Also, Brett and Audrey have died =( (Gen 2)


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Not everyone…cause I give no fucks if I get that demo or not. Just sayin’.

It’s been birthday derps all over the place today in my game(but I haven’t had a chance to write anything or post pictures, because I am deep cleaning, my parents are coming from Kentucky Thursday and my mom is seriously OCD about cleaning). So here they are: Annika aged up to an elder, then Coconut aged to an elder, Julian aged to an elder, and finally Harper is now a teen…omg she is flawless imo. Next up will be Aiko the cat, she is slated to age up soon as well.